"oração do dia"

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"Oração do dia"

I surround myself with people who love and support me.

I take response-ability for my life.

I am worthy of being happy, now.

I let go of the need to be approved of by others. I approve of myself.

Screw it, Let's Do It

sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

Set out of Blame

Let us step out of blame today. When we decide to blame or in any way emotionally
stab someone, we are simply projecting our own pain onto him or her. In doing so,
we give him or her all the power for how we feel, which creates even more pain because
we know deep down another person can never make us feel happy or sad.

So today, in an effort to not only take our power back but also become more loving,
let us cease to blame and instead tell on ourselves. Let us express how we feel 
instead of blaming someone else for how we feel. Let us take ownership over our 
emotions, for we are realizing that it is merely our interpretations of the events
of our lives that create the emotions we feel.

When we dishonor and do not express our emotions, we let them well up within us.
We must give them voice; we must let them out to air. Not because we need to dump
them all over something, no, but because we value creating intimacy in our relationships
and the only way we can do that is by being willing to become vulnerable enough 
to tell on ourselves.

If you are in a situation where another person doesn't want to hear or honor how
you are feeling, then I would suggest asking yourself if you feel it is in your
best interest to be with someone who is not willing to accept and acknowledge the
deepest part of you.

So this is our calling for today: to take ownership of our emotions. To express 
our emotions fully and to choose to be with people who are willing to respect and
honor the deepest part of ourselves. This is a formula and plan for a large amount
of happiness. It is simple, but not easy. It takes courage and a willingness to 
accept parts of ourselves that we may not want to look at. But if we bring our Light
to the darkness of our lives, we will transform those dark parts into Light. This
is the courageous call we are asked to answer on our path to greater emotional freedom.


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