"oração do dia"

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"Oração do dia"

I surround myself with people who love and support me.

I take response-ability for my life.

I am worthy of being happy, now.

I let go of the need to be approved of by others. I approve of myself.

Screw it, Let's Do It

sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

How much longer?

I want to be real with you. I have an honest and raw question...

How much longer do you want to suffer?

That is the question that kept coming up this week on my head. So many people have all the "knowledge" of this self-help business, but so few are walking in the knowledge.
There is a lot of knowledge and not that much experience.

So, I kept asking myself this question this week. Now I'm asking YOU -

How much longer do you want to suffer?

This question I'm asking you is on the side of your dreams. Now, I know if you're reading this blog you are probably not starving and have your basic needs met, so I'm not talking about survival suffering.

I'm talking about your heart and your soul. They are yearning for change. They are yearning for a new beginning. They are yearning to express themselves in your life in the form of creativity, a loving relationship, abundance, awesome friends and a thriving community. If you are lacking these things, part of you is suffering.

Not from a place of survival, not from a place of thriving... We are Seekers on The Path and we want the best from life. We want the Tiffany's and Chanel of inner peace. We have bodies that have enough energy to live our dreams. We want to take bold action and thrust ourselves outside of the our comfort zones so that we can live life fully expressed.

This cannot happen if we don't take thriving seriously. And not just our own thriving, but the thriving of everyone in our lives. As we get free we help those around us get free, too. And if our standards are so low that we only desire surviving and not thriving, we are suffering.

If we are not getting the MOST out of life, if we are not feeling FULLY alive and being FULLY expressed, then we are suffering. We are suffering from a life unlived. Not because out basic needs are met, no, but because we are not living from the inside out.

We don't need millions of dollars to thrive. But we do need to face our fears daily.
We don't need fancy cars or an expensive wardrobe to thrive, but we do need to wear our own authentic skin.

So I ask you today, dear Seeker, how much longer are you willing to suffer in an unexpressed life? If you choose to suffer longer, then don't blame other people for your unhappiness anymore. Your state of being is being decided upon in every moment by you.
Take ownership of not living a fully expressed life and take back the blame.

If you are ready to change now, then set higher standards, step into the uncomfortable and don't mind what other people say. You are here to thrive, to live fully expressed, not to wonder "what if?"

How much longer are you willing to suffer?


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