"oração do dia"

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"Oração do dia"

I surround myself with people who love and support me.

I take response-ability for my life.

I am worthy of being happy, now.

I let go of the need to be approved of by others. I approve of myself.

Screw it, Let's Do It

sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010


The awe, inspiration and talent you recognize in others are but a reflection of the same thing in you.
I highly suggest you do not seek the approval or recognition of those you admire but instead cultivate in yourself that which you see in them.
There is a dormant creative genius within you - let it out!

You are inspired by people because you see evidence in them of what you would like to create in yourself.
It's a misplacement of your power to give it to them.

Magic happens when you cultivate in yourself what inspires you about others. This is the kind of living dreams are made of.
It's a bold thing to express yourself. Take the power position and seek only to express yourself and not for outward validation.

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